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A great and unique opportunity to earn extra income and distribute baby and children’s products to the US Hispanic market via catalog.




We are a company that is “Latin at heart”. SAMSofia is dedicated to the selling and distribution of the most trusted and high quality products via catalog for babies and children.

Our Mission is to help Hispanic Woman reach personal and professional success, while working independently and in their free time from their home, by offering: 

  • Extensive and exclusive range of products for babies and children
  • Attractive and simple Earnings and Incentive Plans
  • Excellent and friendly personalized service in Spanish

SAMSofia offers a variety of exclusive products for babies and children.

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From the moment you decide to become a part of the SAMSofia family, our commitment is to help you succeed. The opportunity is open to you, regardless of your experience, age, race, sex, religion or educational background. All you really need is the desire to improve your life. 

You decide! You can do it!

SAMSofia supports you!

INCREDIBLE INCOME POTENTIAL in an extremely easy to understand system!

1. Products: For your benefit, we offer a variety of exclusive products

2. Offers: On top of the excellent prices and discounts, you can also take advantage of some exclusive offers SAMSofia has especially for you:

  • FREE Membership (for a limited time)
  • BONUSES based on your referrals 
  • The SAMSofia Baby Registry: a unique tool to help you maximize your earning potential! 

3. Friendly Service in your language: At SAMSofia we speak your language. We will support you and help you build your own business. 

4. Catalogs: Once you register, you will receive our FREE catalog that contains important information to build your business successfully. The SAMSofia catalog is the best tool to start your own business!

5. Training:  Our members will receive personal and continuous training and support via phone, email.

6. Quick Shipping: SAMSofia offers an excellent merchandise delivery system that comes directly to your home. Most products will ship within 1-2 days once the order is received.

7. Easy Payments: To facilitate the sales process, SAMSofia offers easy payment terms by credit card at the time the order is placed or by "Cashier's Check or Money Order" when you receive the product.

Getting Started Today!

More income, flexible hours, personal satisfaction, and an exclusive range of quality products are just some of the benefits you can obtain by becoming a part of the SAMSofia family!

What are you waiting for? Start now!

Register now using the online form and you will receive the SAMSofia catalog and for a successful start.


How much can you make?

How much you make is up to you! As soon as you begin, you'll receive up to a 50% profit margin on your purchases!  This means that:

If you buy a product for $100
You sell the product for $150
Your profit is $50*!
Your margin is $50%*! 

Plus, you can earn more money with extra discounts and referral bonuses

We work to guide you to success! Being a SAMSofia Member gives you the opportunity to work in your free time, being your own boss and earning extra income. .

At SAMSofia we want to help you achieve your dreams. Our priority is your well-being and personal growth. We offer you all the support and tools required to have your business and improve your future and your families’ future. 

If you are a woman that want to improve your economic situation, we invite you to join the SAMSofia family.

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The main values of our comany are:

Value #1 – Our Members (people like YOU) are our highest priority! Our members are the reason why we exist. Everything we do is focused to support our Members. If a member has a question or concern, we will assume them as our own. This means we do not say "This is not my job." We respond quickly to the needs of our members and we measure the satisfaction of our members as priority # 1!

Core Value #2 – Professional Courtesy: We show patience and respect for each one of our members. We take the time to understand your needs and find the most effective way to help you.  We respond with patience, clarity and respect, to any question or problem presented by our Members. Every time we talk to a Member, we are completely focused on their questions or concerns.

Core Value #3 – Quality of Our Products: We will only sell products that we trust and are willing to use for ourselves.


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Order your free catalog, please complete the information below:

You must be 18 years to apply.